Circles of Friends.

"We began writing the first edition of this book in 1995. Ever since the very first whole class sessions were led by each of us and we felt the emotions stirred up by the simple act of asking pupils to help one of their own who was in difficulties - we knew this was something big. Something that had been right in front of our noses if only we had been able to see it. Something so simple it was hard to understand why it could be so effective. We had been lucky enough to find and have the opportunity to develop an idea that spoke to the instincts of many people working with children."

Derek Wilson and Colin Newton.

This A4 perfect bound 96 page workbook was published in October 2003. The cover is litho printed in 4 colour process and the inside litho printed in black with many photographs and illustrations.

Due to its success, this title was reprinted in March 2005.